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Image Beyond Sound!

Think About Your Favorite Physical and Digital Album Covers! I bet something comes to mind. Let's make sure your music leaves that kind of lasting impression on your fans, companies, and labels both musically and visually.

Let Your Tree Be Heard In The Forest!

The Best Music in the world doesn't mean a thing if it's not heard and the packaging isn't right! We provide all the services to let your music be heard the right way! Think of the questions shark tank asks when a product comes in...we make sure you have the answers for yourself.

Music Marketing - Best Music Marketing
Music Marketing - Best Music Marketing

Don't Mess Up The End Game!

Marketing Is Essential of any artists success. Real Music Marketing and social media followers is how the product meets the consumer and the masses. It's how an artist turns into a brand. It's how you pack concerts and shows and It's how your tree gets heard when it falls in the forest. We make sure everyone is around to hear it! Finally there's a place for Real Music Marketing to help you develop and target your goals.


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Music Marketing - Best Music Marketing

Website Design

Starting at $200-$500

Lyric & Music Videos

Remote Lyric Videos


Remote Music Videos

Starting at $350

Digital Covers


Starting @ $85 Front and Back

Starting @ $75 Front Only