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Custom Production/ Beats


$350 - $1000 Per Track




*Exclusive Rights and Ownership (You own your masters)


*Free Pre-Production Consultations


*Custom Instrumentation 


*Custom Formatting i.e. Intro length, bridge, etc.


*Custom Production around your style, vocal range (key), target audience.

Usages of the best Instruments, Synths, and Plugins


*Rendering with HQ Stereo Wav, HQ Stereo Mp3 


*Rendering with Pro Tools Session


*Rendering with Stems

Studio Recording

$50 - $60 Per Hour (3 Hour Block Minimum)




*Session Setup


*Rough Mix (Bounce down) 


*Pro Tools Session Uploaded via GoogleDrive upon request


$225 per song




*Free Pre-Mix Consultation (Overview of issues, corrections to be made, etc)


*Editing (Pops, Clicks, Hiss,)


*Leveling and Balancing


*Equalization (Taming Highs, Giving Clarity To Each Track, Enhancing Characteristic of each instrument and vocals)






Creative FX like Delay, Reverb, etc


Bus Compression


Stereo Summing


Prep for Mastering


Yes You Need Mastering Too!

Mastering is the last step in the music creation process that gets the song, EP, Mixtape and Album ready to be played anywhere and everywhere. It's where the overall sound of the mix is enhanced to sound professional enough to be played after your favorite songs you hear on Radio, I-Tunes, Spotify, TV, etc 


$85 - $125  per Song

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Let's Get Your Music Ready for Airplay!

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