5 Quick Things To Ask Yourself Before Your Studio Session..

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Here are 5 Quick Things to ask yourself before your studio session.

1. Do you Remember Your Lyrics? Do you have the melody, the rhythm, and the flow down to your song? Can you much like an actor or an actress deliver your lines convincingly to where the listener will fully engage in what's being recorded? 

2. Is your song the right key or tempo for you to deliver a killer live performance? So many artists come to our Recording Studio in Houston, TX and have an unrealistic key for actually delivering the high or low parts in real time in the studio, much less on stage. Always think about the end game, which is touring and performance eventually.

3. Are you sick? Do you have a cold? Are Your Sinuses acting up? Sore Throat? Remember you can try to will it all you want to, but you can't hide from a Neumann! The microphone hears it all. The compression brings it out even more. Make sure if you find yourself sick on studio day that you call asap and reschedule. The engineer will understand because nothing is worth coming in and spending your valuable time and money on an worthless take that won't sound good.

4.Is your song really worth recording? A lot of times we haven't honestly accessed the quality of something that is just an idea. The right time to do a little internal Q.A. is before your studio session. Tip: Record the whole thing with just a cheap phone recorder before your session and listen back. Sometimes a little tweaking of a song here and there can go a long way and sometimes you'll find that maybe another song is a better song to record for your session.

5. Did you really, honestly book enough studio time for perfection. Not good enough..But great!? We all hear about the so called one take wonders not seeing them prepping way before the video recorded session. What that video doesn't show is the engineers that stay hours afterwards chopping up parts, autotuning, and editing their manufactured excellence. Also what artists don't hear about enough is about the greatest artists, singers, and rappers that book the whole day out and search for perfection sometimes on just one song. The artists that have the work ethic and ear to hear even though that take was okay, it's not great yet, so let's do it again! And again! And again until it's perfect. Those that realize greatness isn't just thrown together and that in order to hear, address, and record the parts it certainly takes time. If you're saying that you only need an hour for recording, bounce and mixdown, you haven't ascended yet to the serious level that the greats go to and go through to become great and you're cheating yourself (3 hour block minimum).

Michael "Major Keyz" Walker

Studio Owner/Producer/Engineer/Instructor

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